Diecast and Pressing Pty Limited provides contract diecasting service. We currently have 3 hot chamber zinc diecasting machines with locking force up to 200 tonnes.

Castings can be supplied in either raw, vibrated, plated or powder coated finishes depending on your requirements.

Our press room facility includes John Heine metal stamping and high speed Bruderer presses with automatic feed and capacity up to 45 tons.

We have capacity to drill, tap and polish components as required by your specification.

Our stud welding equipment is suitable for various metals including stainless steel.

We can provide assembly service. We will completely assemble you product,  package it and deliver as per your requirement.

 We have a fully equipped tool room facility.

Our low overheads and cost structure allow us sucessfully compete with overseas suppliers.

Diecast and Pressing can provide one stop shop for you needs.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.